According to the recent survey done by our journalist at Brianza Per Il Cuore, more than 20 million people prefer to live outside their native countries.

This is despite the challenges people face while far away from home but you should note that there is no best year to live abroad like 2019.

The advancement in technology has brought better results since you will still get in touch with friends and families as usual.

The video calling and social media platform will enable you to keep in touch with families even while far away not like in the past.

The technology has made the struggle to adopt the culture and the systems of a foreign country very easy. This is because you will be able to learn a certain language with ease and even know their health care systems.

All these improvements in technology have made living abroad easier and enjoyable. This is the reason why many expats are happier living away from home.

According to the report from our journalist, about 53 percent of expats says that life away from their native country is much better and comfortable.

Majority of those who went out of their native country for adventure purposes say that they lived up to all their expectations.

Our reporters concluded that there is no better time to live abroad like 2019 since the majority of people find it fulfilling. Are you thinking about going to live abroad? Well, just stick here for more information.

Brianza Per Il Cuore Company has a team of reporters who move from one region to another to cover local news and this can give you a hint to identify a place to visit during this year.

This is the reason why a lot of people do follow local news from the website of Brianza Per Il Cuore company. You should also note that finding happiness while living abroad usually depends on the purpose of you leaving your native country.


This is a difficult term to describe especially for those people who want to live abroad. Happiness is something that looks different from one person to another. Some people go out of their native countries because of huge bank balances while others go out to look for a better quality of life.

Moving out of your native country can also see you doubling the money in your bank account and this can present other opportunities to invest in it. Funny enough most expats have never valued their happiness with the money they have in the bank account.

Expats found it easy to balance their normal life with professional life while outside their country. This is because the professional life and social lives in different countries do differ a lot.

The extra time will enable you to explore areas that you can invest in and later generate more revenue for your family. This will later improve the living standards of your family when compared to the normal life back in the native country.

Don’t wait for another year to go abroad…this is the best year for you.