When burning solid fuels like wood and charcoal in the fireplace on a daily basis, you will be expected to clean the chimney at least twice a year.

A well cleaned and maintained chimney will sparkle your home with a deep crackle and glowing orange embers. The interior of your home will smell fresh throughout.

In case your chimney is poorly maintained, then expect a terrifying phenomenon of a chimney fire. In order to prevent this devastating situation, bring on board experts from Nature’s own chimney cleaning company.

Why You Must Clean Your Chimney

Wood fire is ever dirty. Burning wood releases smoke and creosote as the by-products that coat the inside of the chimney tunnel.

Creosote are substances that occur when the wood is not fully burned down and it condenses inside the chimney until it is removed.

These substances need to be removed in order to prevent the occurrence of chimney fires. The fire can result in an explosion since the creosote usually run down the chimney. The blasting sound can be scary.

In case chimney fire occurs, you will be expected to call firefighters since it is something you cannot control by yourself at home.

When to Clean Your Chimney

Chimney sweeping should be done twice per year and most commonly during the summer season. Bring on board chimney sweeping experts in order to have a faster turnaround work.

Summertime is the best since the roof is dry and safe to climb on top while intending to clean the chimney.

Clean the chimney when the following conditions present themselves:

  • When the soot and creosote are falling regularly in the fireplace.
  • When honeycomb creosote develop on inside the wall of the chimney
  • When the thickness of the creosote is more than half
  • When you burn a lot of artificial logs on a daily basis
  • When you are a heavy fireplace user

How to Clean Your Chimney

You can either opt to clean chimney by yourself or call a professional chimney sweeping company. You will be expected to sweep the chimney first before cleaning especially if it has not been clean for a long period of time.

Here are steps on how to clean your chimney:

Phase One: Seal up the Fireplace

Open the damper of the chimney and seal it will a sheet of plastic taped from the floor. Cut another piece of plastic sheet and tape it on the fireplace in order to prevent debris from sticking or staining the area.

Phase Two: Go to the Roof

Place an extension ladder on the house in order to get access on the roof chimney. Bring all the cleaning tools on top of the roof. You need to have a cordless drill and dust mask.

Phase Three: Remove Chimney Caps

Remove the chimney cap gentle and place it away from your place of work in order to avoid tripping over or accidentally kicking it.

Phase Four: Prepare Chimney Cleaning Brush

Place the chimney sweep brush on the extension rod. Keep the other extension rod nearby so that you can use them in case of need.

Phase Five: Finish Roof Operations

Scrub the inside of the chimney wall without removing the rod continuously. Once you are done from the rooftop, replace the chimney cap back into position.

Wait for some minutes until all the debris and dust have settled underneath the fireplace. Carefully peel the plastic seal and wad it up to enclose the dust. Finally discard the dust away from the house.

Clean another visible area to ensure all the soot and dust are gone. You can vacuum in order to get rid of all the dust or debris.